Terms of service


client: is any person or entity that use dzsphere.com services.

Service(s): any service provided on dzsphere.com.


The website dzsphere.com is a subsidiary of the company Djidel Solutions. Djidel Solutions is a registered company in Algeria.

The purpose of this Agreement is to define the legal, technical and financial conditions of Djidel Solutions' agreement with the client.

The following conditions apply to all services provided at dzsphere.com.

Djidel Solutions has the right to change these terms of service.

client must agree to this terms of service in order to use the services. Violation of these terms of service may lead to service termination.

Djidel Solutions' obligations

Djidel Solutions agrees to use all effort to provide a quality service in compliance with professional standards and the state of the art.

Djidel Solutions ensure access to the server via internet 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Djidel Solutions reserves the right to interrupt the server for a technical intervention designed to improve its operation.

Djidel Solutions makes available to the client a set of tools and documentations which are on dzsphere.com website.

At the end of the term of a service, for any reason whatsoever, Djidel Solutions delete the files on the client's service.

client's obligations

The client must be at least eighteen (18) years old.

The client must provide and use his correct information and keep them up to date. Djidel Solutions reserves the right to request supporting documentation from the client to ensure the accuracy of their information.

The client is responsible to keep his account passwords confidential and secure.

The client shall take all required measures to ensure the backup of his data.

The client acknowledges and agrees to be also subject to the laws applicable in the territory on which the equipment are installed. Hence, the Customer acknowledges Djidel Solutions' right to suspend his service if it is used for a prohibited activity at the place of physical location of the equipment provided.

Djidel Solutions reserves the right to monitor client compliance with these terms of use.


All services in dzsphere.com are prepaid. If payment is not received fully, no service will be delivered. Djidel Solutions is the only part that can confirm payment receipt.

All payments are final and cannot be refunded.

Djidel Solutions is not responsible for any payment delays result from payment systems.

Djidel Solutions cannot predict price changes, therefor the prices at dzsphere.com could be changed at anytime.

To cancel a service, the client must request service cancellation. The cancelled service may take up to seven (7) days to be cancelled.

Service renewal

To renew a service, payment must be received fully before the end of the term.

Djidel Solutions may possibly not renew its Service at the end of the term.

Special conditions

Dedicated servers and virtual private servers terms of use:

It is the client's duty to configure his programs in such a way that they are restarted automatically when the hardware or the operating system is restarted.

Domain name terms of use:

Unless otherwise specified on our website, each domain name registration is for a one year initial term.

If the client fail to renew his domain name before the designated expiration date, the client lose control of his domain name however he may renew it within thirty (30) days. If the domain name is not renewed he might be sold or deleted.

client can transfer his domain name to another registrar while the domain name is not expired. After domain name's successful transfer, the services related to the domain name are immediately cancelled.

Email terms of use:

The client is responsible to keep his email server reputation clean and prevent its IP address to be blacklisted.

In the case of the emails sent from client service identified as spam or fraudulent, client will be informed and email will be blocked.

Email broadcast is subject to the following terms:

  • Only confirmed recipients can receive broadcasted email messages.
  • An email recipient can only be confirmed after his explicit subscription and by confirmation message delivered to his email and by his access to the confirmation link included in the confirmation message.
  • Every broadcasted email message must include an unsubscription link displayed clearly. By accessing that link the recipient must be immediately unsubscribed.

Shared hosting terms of use:

The shared hosting is to host multiple websites in one server allowing cheaper prices. This type of web hosting is intended for small websites that need low resources.

To maintain the service stability the following limitations are applied:

  • The number of outgoing emails is limited to one hundred (100) message for any sixteen (60) minutes.
  • Executing server scripts that occupies resources (CPU and RAM) excessively is prohibited (Djidel Solutions have the right to define an excessive use).

Prohibited materials and activities

This prohibition applies on (without limitation): the hosted files and data, outgoing emails messages, outgoing data stream.

The prohibited materials includes (without limitation):

  • Illegal materials according the laws of democratic republic of Algeria.
  • Materials that are protected by copyright.
  • Junk messages (SPAM).
  • Malicious content or links to websites hosting malicious content. Malicious content such as: virus, malware, fishing...
  • Contents of any of these natures: defamatory, abusive, pornographic, inappropriate.
  • Contents that promote:
    • violence,
    • lottery,
    • gambling,
    • the consumption of drugs, tobacco or alcohol,
    • any type of dangerous activities,
    • any kind of illegal activities.

The prohibited activities includes (without limitation):

  • Illegal activities according the laws of democratic republic of Algeria.
  • Flooding a third party network.
  • Illegal access to third party server.
  • Providing public proxies.
  • any kind of illegal activities.

Djidel Solutions keep the right to judge if a material or activity is prohibited.


The client is the sole responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of his use of dzsphere.com services. The client accepts and agrees to be solely responsible - and that Djidel Solutions is not responsible in any way to the client or any third party - for any damages or losses arising from his use of dzsphere.com services.

Djidel Solutions does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error free or completely secure. Services are offered as they are.

Djidel Solutions shall not be liable for any service outage or data loss result to events beyond its control, including, but not limiting to: hardware failure, network or internet failure, disaster.

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